Sunday, May 29, 2011

twenty one / 52

still life*

hmmph! Not much time to throw together a "Classic" still life shot. So instead I went with the eggs. Emily made this last year in art class. I love this little lop-sided bowl.


laurieumlauf said...

Emily made that bowl? I love it - and the color - so cheery, very Martha Stewart - (hope you don't take offense, I know she's not everyone fav. but have to admit she has great taste!).

Livvy made a bowl this year in art class - I'll post it on fb. I love it too - first of many more, I'm hoping :)

Love you Jen!

Of forgot to say before - that's a great portrait of Simon - what a handsome fella.

Jen said...

I like Martha and her style! Thanks.

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