Saturday, November 26, 2011

forty seven / 52


My great-nephew was eating cotton candy while he waited for the parade to start.
*Bunny ears are included. ;-)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

forty six / 52

mostly one color*
I was very uninspired this week and took this photo for the sake of saying that I took a photo.
I love my itty-bitty Starbucks ornament, tho!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

forty five / 52

before and after*

This week the theme was "before and after". We were to show a photo before any processing was done to it. I hope I don't bore you with all this... Well, I know I will. So if you keep on reading I will give you a little update on my family.
I processed the RAW file in Canon's Digital Photo Professional by adjusting curves and reducing noise. I sharpened it up a bit as well. Once I converted it to JPEG, I opened the image in Gimp. I rotated it slightly to straighten it up and cropped it. Then I ran a vintage script. I lowered the yellow, blue and magenta. The script also ran a bleach bypass. I adjusted that. I then added three of Kim Klassen's textures. I used "Phoebe", "Warm Sun" and "Canvas Magic". I changed each of them to overlay or screen and adjusted the opacity. And of course, I added a watermark / logo .
I like adding a slight texture to my photos lately. I don't like the texture to be too obvious. I hope that is true.

The before shot:

There it is... Thank you for looking... So now time to bore you on what's going on with us. :-D

So you know by now that David is in his senior year. It's been lots of visits with different universities. We have not gone to them, but they have come to his school. He's looking at getting into Ball State in Indiana (for some reason). So far he's been accepted to University of Michigan- Dearborn and Wayne State. We are waiting on Michigan State. He's looking to go into architecture. That is really where Ball State comes into play. He's still waiting to hear from them, too. There is always Lawrence Tech. He would go to community college to get the basics taken and they'd transfer over.
I've been stressing out BIG TIME about graduation party, senior pictures, announcements, you name it. I can't shake it.
Emily is begging us to get her license and a car. Driving is not something I am looking forward to her doing at the moment. We can't afford to get her a car, not to mention insuring four vehicles. Um... yeah.
So there you have it. A little bit of what's going on. Soon Christmas will be here. I think I should start playing the lottery now.

Friday, November 4, 2011

forty four / 52


They are putting these codes on everything, even bananas?! This one is for a contest. lol
I took this photo the other day while I was making the kids' lunches. Yes, I still make their lunches. I was procrastinating and taking pictures with my phone and the mytubo app for Android.

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