Monday, November 29, 2010


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I had the day off from work today and decided to try out a recipe from the Taste of Home Cooking School that a friend and I went to back in October. They turned out pretty good. They are a very sweet treat. I made mine with a cookie scooper that I have. They are too big. I'd make them smaller next time.

The recipe can be found here.

1/2 cup butter, softened
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 teaspoon Spice Island® Pure Vanilla Extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup miniature semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1-1/2 pounds dark chocolate candy coating, coarsely chopped
In a large bowl, cream the butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in vanilla. Gradually add flour, alternately with milk, beating well after each addition. Stir in the chocolate chips and walnuts. Shape into 1-in. balls; place on waxed paper-lined baking sheets. Loosely cover and refrigerate for 1-2 hours or until firm.
In a microwave bowl, melt candy coating; stir until smooth. Dip balls in coating; allow excess to drip off; Place on waxed paper-lined baking sheets. Refrigerate until firm, about 15 minutes. If desired, remelt remaining candy coating and drizzle over candies. Store in the refrigerator. Yield: 5-1/2 dozen.

Nutrition Facts: 1 serving (2 each) equals 240 calories, 12 g fat (8 g saturated fat), 12 mg cholesterol, 46 mg sodium, 33 g carbohydrate, 1 g fiber, 3 g protein.
Cookie Dough Truffles published in Taste of Home December/January 2005, p28

Sunday, November 28, 2010


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It's after Thanksgiving so we can officially start getting ready for the Christmas season.
We had a nice Thanksgiving over my parents house. My mom always goes above and beyond with cooking. We had so much delicious food. My aunt and uncle and grandma were there, also.
This week is the week leading up to David's birthday. I can't believe it. I'm getting so old. Let's see... 17 years ago Mike and I were in our apartment. We decorated early because we knew our little bundle of joy would soon be here. We had an ornament party. All of our family members came over and brought us an ornament to symbolize our new life together. We still have many of them and I remember that day when I decorate our tree. Over the years we save the decorations for after David's birthday. It's my way of keeping his birthday and Christmas separate.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


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The body of a pumpkin pie!! I can't wait to get my hands on some this week for our Thanksgiving Holiday. Yummy!

"Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving."
~W. T. Purkiser

Monday, November 15, 2010


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I did not follow the theme this week. Instead, I procrastinated and decided to shoot these Fizzle Skittles in a shot glass. So very random. Have you ever had these? I found them at Halloween. They are similar to PopRocks by the way they fizzle in your mouth. They are addicting. They are kind of gross. But they are kind of good. lol But be careful, they will make the roof of your mouth sore.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


45/52 create*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~Scott Adams

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