Sunday, May 29, 2011

twenty one / 52

still life*

hmmph! Not much time to throw together a "Classic" still life shot. So instead I went with the eggs. Emily made this last year in art class. I love this little lop-sided bowl.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

twenty / 52

my passion*

No.... my passion is not mushrooms... I can't really say that I'm passionate about anything. Of course I'm passionate about my kids, hubby, my family. I didn't have the opportunity to photograph them this week. Actually, I should say that they were not willing to let me photograph them.
I wasn't going to post this week... just feeling blue, losing Simon and all. The more I thought I about it I realized I am passionate about something. I love taking pictures, processing them and creating images. I notice that while I'm driving I'm on the look-out for things to take photos of. I see the little things that usually go unnoticed. The kids often ask me why I'm taking pictures of inanimate objects. Well, it's because I see beauty in little things. I want to capture it somehow.
While I was trying to take pictures of Milo the other day, I saw 2 tiny little mushrooms growing in the grass. Somehow they survived the little pup as he ran ramped through the backyard. Of course, he saw me trying to get a shot of them in the grass and he stepped on them. So I plucked the last one up and shot it against the green bush.

Simon says*

Simon says*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.
Simon was adopted in the summer of 1999. Our family was young. David was going to be starting kindergarten. Emily was going to be starting pre-school. Mike got the job at Ford and Simon was bought with part of his first paycheck. I'll never forget that night coming home from my part-time job at Jo-Ann etc. Mike met me outside and asked me how much I loved him. My first reaction was "why are you asking me this"? He didn't say why. I came inside and everything appeared as usual. The kids were winding down and I would be getting them ready for bed soon. I heard something. It was fast yet short breaths. I looked around and here was this little fat, black puppy lying under my end table. I was not happy. I didn't think we needed this dog. Mike said he was too cute not to love. He eventually grew on me. He was a perfect dog for our family. He followed the kids around everywhere. He was so gentle with them. He turned out to be a wonderful dog. He went on our family vacations up-north and loved swimming in the lake and going on the boat. He was scared of thunder storms and fireworks. He always greeted you when you came home.
He grew up with our family. And how we have grown up too. Soon David will be a senior in high school and Emily a junior. Mike's job at Ford was not what we expected. I left that little job at Jo-Ann and have gone on to bigger and better things with Chase.
Simon grew old, just like we all do. His time with us ended May 20, 2011. He still had his spunk and sweetness but he was in pain and we had to do what was best. It is very hard on our family to lose a pet. Why we do it, I don't know. But the unconditional love they give us is well worth it. It's going to be hard living without him, hearing his heavy tail wagging on everything, his hot breaths breathing on you, begging for a treat. Life does go on and Simon will always be in our memories.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

nineteen / 52


I’ll call these "wishing flowers".
I have some yard work to do… these are about 18 inches tall! omg!!
These are the closest thing to a flower that I’ve seen in my yard. I didn’t venture out (with my camera) to capture any flowers this week.
Yesterday, Friday, my birthday, I took the day off to relax by myself. I got Emily’s ipod touch out and downloaded the Instagram app. I love the retro, vintage effects you can apply to your pics. So I snapped away in my yard before I headed to my massage. It was nice! I’m feeling better too. My back is always hurting me. It’s not so bad today. I just may have to make this a regular thing.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

eighteen / 52


The theme is straight out of camera... no adjusting the colors or sharpness, no cropping, etc.

My spring is finally here!

... I would have loved to be closer to my subject. I really want a macro lens!

I must play and get creative with my photos. It's just fun. The final image is over at flickr. Click *** if you'd like to see it.
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