Saturday, May 14, 2011

nineteen / 52


I’ll call these "wishing flowers".
I have some yard work to do… these are about 18 inches tall! omg!!
These are the closest thing to a flower that I’ve seen in my yard. I didn’t venture out (with my camera) to capture any flowers this week.
Yesterday, Friday, my birthday, I took the day off to relax by myself. I got Emily’s ipod touch out and downloaded the Instagram app. I love the retro, vintage effects you can apply to your pics. So I snapped away in my yard before I headed to my massage. It was nice! I’m feeling better too. My back is always hurting me. It’s not so bad today. I just may have to make this a regular thing.

1 comment:

laurieumlauf said...

haha, wishing flowers! Yes - these are some of my girls' favorites - they brought in arrangements of yellow dandelions and these! Perspective - to see through the eyes of a child! >3 it!

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