Saturday, May 21, 2011

Simon says*

Simon says*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.
Simon was adopted in the summer of 1999. Our family was young. David was going to be starting kindergarten. Emily was going to be starting pre-school. Mike got the job at Ford and Simon was bought with part of his first paycheck. I'll never forget that night coming home from my part-time job at Jo-Ann etc. Mike met me outside and asked me how much I loved him. My first reaction was "why are you asking me this"? He didn't say why. I came inside and everything appeared as usual. The kids were winding down and I would be getting them ready for bed soon. I heard something. It was fast yet short breaths. I looked around and here was this little fat, black puppy lying under my end table. I was not happy. I didn't think we needed this dog. Mike said he was too cute not to love. He eventually grew on me. He was a perfect dog for our family. He followed the kids around everywhere. He was so gentle with them. He turned out to be a wonderful dog. He went on our family vacations up-north and loved swimming in the lake and going on the boat. He was scared of thunder storms and fireworks. He always greeted you when you came home.
He grew up with our family. And how we have grown up too. Soon David will be a senior in high school and Emily a junior. Mike's job at Ford was not what we expected. I left that little job at Jo-Ann and have gone on to bigger and better things with Chase.
Simon grew old, just like we all do. His time with us ended May 20, 2011. He still had his spunk and sweetness but he was in pain and we had to do what was best. It is very hard on our family to lose a pet. Why we do it, I don't know. But the unconditional love they give us is well worth it. It's going to be hard living without him, hearing his heavy tail wagging on everything, his hot breaths breathing on you, begging for a treat. Life does go on and Simon will always be in our memories.

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laurieumlauf said...

Ok, i'm crying - it is next to impossible to lose a pet - I agree, why do we do it? but then you remember the love and sweetness and cuddles and smile and cheer....Dixie is 2 years younger than Simon...she is blind and has uncontrollable diabetes. I dread each trip to the vet...but still she loves us - loves being with us, hates being left behind. still wants her walks (a bit slower and shorter now) and is a bed hog. I almost can't bear how much I love her - I pity people who don't know the feeling of loving a pet....going to get a kleenex now - rip, Simon

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