Saturday, May 21, 2011

twenty / 52

my passion*

No.... my passion is not mushrooms... I can't really say that I'm passionate about anything. Of course I'm passionate about my kids, hubby, my family. I didn't have the opportunity to photograph them this week. Actually, I should say that they were not willing to let me photograph them.
I wasn't going to post this week... just feeling blue, losing Simon and all. The more I thought I about it I realized I am passionate about something. I love taking pictures, processing them and creating images. I notice that while I'm driving I'm on the look-out for things to take photos of. I see the little things that usually go unnoticed. The kids often ask me why I'm taking pictures of inanimate objects. Well, it's because I see beauty in little things. I want to capture it somehow.
While I was trying to take pictures of Milo the other day, I saw 2 tiny little mushrooms growing in the grass. Somehow they survived the little pup as he ran ramped through the backyard. Of course, he saw me trying to get a shot of them in the grass and he stepped on them. So I plucked the last one up and shot it against the green bush.

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laurieumlauf said...

what a cool shot - love the contrast in colors and the subject, mushrooms, is not likely to get me crying again.....:)

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