Saturday, March 26, 2011

twelve / 52

Decaying leaves from my abandoned garden... waiting for a warm spring day to clean up... an old abandoned toy truck.

I am ready for this brown, dead decaying earth to pop with greens, yellows, pinks and other spring-time colors. I am in need of warm sunshine and warm air. I can't wait for the weather to understand that it's SPRING!
How is life treating you? I'd love to hear.
I am glad that this week is over. It was stressful. My favorite auditor showed up Tuesday. I had to take the kids to an appointment in the morning and I was a nervous wreck. I've been through this plenty of times and each time I'm so nervous. She even asked me when I was going to calm down. After a few minutes of friendly conversation I began to relax. I tell you, it was not relaxed inside. She was there for 3 days. Friday wasn't any better. It's over now. I can sort of breathe easy. At least until April 5, when I find out my results. Until then....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

eleven / 52

This is a globe that my brother had when we were kids. I remember how cool this globe was. I would sit for periods of time looking at all the countries. I could feel the different elevations and mountains. So my shot for the week is of this "textured" globe. I know that's not the technical term.
My heart goes out to the people in Japan. They are facing such turmoil and despair. I can't put it all together and understand all the pain and hurt they must be feeling. And the sense of worry and unknowing with the nuclear plants.
I have a cousin (and I'm not telling you this so you can feel sorry) that works for Toyota. He's there right now, in Japan. He won't be home for another few months. He says everything is ok where he is. He is much further south of the disaster. I am very worried about him right now.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

ten / 52

vanishing point*
...taken at Taylor's Heritage Park. This fence is part of the Petting Farm.
I realize, now that it's too late, that I came very close to chopping off this fence. Not what I wanted to do to demonstrate "Vanishing Point". Oh well....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

nine / 52

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, originally uploaded by Joe Gazzarato.
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Shot for Week 9 of my “52 of Twenty Eleven” flickr group given the theme of “Diptych” which is a collaboration project where two photographers make separate images and then they are combined into one image in post processing.

Joe Gazzarato was kind enough to collaborate with me. We debated a few concepts and settled on this. I shot my hands and he shot the ice cream.
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