Saturday, March 26, 2011

twelve / 52

Decaying leaves from my abandoned garden... waiting for a warm spring day to clean up... an old abandoned toy truck.

I am ready for this brown, dead decaying earth to pop with greens, yellows, pinks and other spring-time colors. I am in need of warm sunshine and warm air. I can't wait for the weather to understand that it's SPRING!
How is life treating you? I'd love to hear.
I am glad that this week is over. It was stressful. My favorite auditor showed up Tuesday. I had to take the kids to an appointment in the morning and I was a nervous wreck. I've been through this plenty of times and each time I'm so nervous. She even asked me when I was going to calm down. After a few minutes of friendly conversation I began to relax. I tell you, it was not relaxed inside. She was there for 3 days. Friday wasn't any better. It's over now. I can sort of breathe easy. At least until April 5, when I find out my results. Until then....

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laurieumlauf said...

the sunshine these past few days has been deceiving - brrrr. I don't like to complain about the weather but I am ready for warmer temps too! Love the little toy truck - David's? Just think of all the life under those old leaves just waiting to burst forth!Another week and we will really know spring is here - Jackson will be 6mos old 4/ that's hard for me to grasp! We'll be heading back to tx soon to make this 3rd and final adoption officially done! what a crazy thing life is. Glad your audit is over - out of your control so just "fahgitaboutit!"

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