Wednesday, March 16, 2011

eleven / 52

This is a globe that my brother had when we were kids. I remember how cool this globe was. I would sit for periods of time looking at all the countries. I could feel the different elevations and mountains. So my shot for the week is of this "textured" globe. I know that's not the technical term.
My heart goes out to the people in Japan. They are facing such turmoil and despair. I can't put it all together and understand all the pain and hurt they must be feeling. And the sense of worry and unknowing with the nuclear plants.
I have a cousin (and I'm not telling you this so you can feel sorry) that works for Toyota. He's there right now, in Japan. He won't be home for another few months. He says everything is ok where he is. He is much further south of the disaster. I am very worried about him right now.

2 comments: said...

I bought Gary a globe one year soon after we were married - I love to study them - Prayers for your cousin and all the people affected by the earthquake -

Brenda said...

we had one of those "textured" globes growing up and my brother and I used to love looking at that! We would spin it and drag our fingers along and see where it stopped and make up little adventure stories! See what we did before all these cell phones, and handheld video games and ipods came along!

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