Saturday, August 21, 2010


Happy Sweet Birthday!

"Happy Birthday" edition*

I made these vegan cupcakes (her request) for my Emily's 15th birthday. They are just as tasty as "regular" cupcakes. I can't tell the difference. They are Cookies-n-Cream flavor.
I think she had a good birthday. On Friday, the two of us went to my favorite salon and got a pedicure. This was my second one ever. I'm not completely sold on the idea. lol
Today David and her friend took her out for Sushi. She liked it! She had the vegetarian, of course. So no raw fish. David had some though.   :-P  After lunch they went to Coldstone and then to the mall. Her friend got her a cute shirt that says "What's on your mind" and an area that can be written on with a washable marker. It also has a blue share "button".  It's cute. (I didn't get it at first, it's a FB shirt). For dinner we went to Red Robin with my parents. I hope she had fun.... Sunday it's Cedar Point!



Brenda said...

those cupcakes look yummy!!! And my goodness Emily is growing up!!! Shes so pretty!!!

Laurie said...

What a gorgeous smile on your girl - love it and it sounds like a pretty great day with more fun to come :)

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