Sunday, August 15, 2010


33/52 home*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

Well, this is not exactly my home. And it's not exactly anyone else's home either. These sunflowers are surrounding the Domino's Petting Farm. They are so pretty. I was tempted to take a few home with me. But out of respect of other's I left them alone. Instead I took a ton of pictures. ;-)
This past week, the kids have been busy. David is now officially practicing for varsity football. He's been conditioning all summer. He had his first scrimmage Saturday. Emily has been cleaning her room and getting things together for the garage sale that she and her friend had. She only made $23. But it's $23 that she didn't have before.
I've got one week left until a vacation. Nothing is planned other than getting back-to-school shopping done.
Have a great week ahead!


Brenda said...

thats a beautiful photo Jen!! I wondered where you took it!!

Laurie said...

:) what is not to love about a sunflower? Thanks for sharing that sight.

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