Sunday, August 1, 2010


31/52 summer*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

A sunny "picture perfect" day. What a way to welcome in the first day of August.

Honestly, I've never really gotten into this book. I started it about 4 years ago and didn't get past the first chapter or two. I usually like Jodi's books too.
When I think of summer songs ... this one that you hear now (Soak Up the Sun , Sheryl Crow) is what almost always comes to mind. How about you? That Kid Rock song is a good one too... how can it not be?
So how is your summer going? It's flying by so quickly. Let's see... we spent a few days up north at the lake. Had fun tubing down the Au Sable.
I'm trying to make the best of the rest of summer but there are too many working hours. Oh joy! What can I do?  I just want some sand on my toes. I'm thinking of buying some sand and putting it in a sand box with my beach chair inside of it.

"People take pictures of the Summer, just in case someone thought they had missed it, and to proved that it really existed."
-- Ray Davies


Brenda said...

make the box big enough and I'd come join you!! I'd bring a nice umbrella shade for us too!! Your drink and choice of authors is perfect too! I cant recall what that title was about..i'll have to go relook!! great photo Jen it does look perfect!

Laurie said...

Made me smile and think about how blessed we really are to have moments like that to enjoy! I'm a country fan so I like that Craig Morgan summer song, Redneck Yacht Club! Enjoy what's left of this long, lovely Michigan summer :)

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