Sunday, August 8, 2010


32/52 light*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

Went to IKEA Canton yesterday. I love that place! Everything is so cool and the set up is awesome. We were in the childrens' section and I just had to photograph this wall of lights. I always love seeing it. It's so colorful and whimsical. I was wishing I had my XSi with me, or at least my S3is. Oh well... my blackberry had to do. Of course... I can't leave things alone so I slapped on a polaroid frame on this over at picnik.


Laurie said...

Oh my gosh - when this came up i couldn't help but smile - what a great image - I have to get to IKEA to see it in person and if that is with your blackberry--- wow great pic. Thanks for sharing :)

Brenda said...

great photo!!! I always like seeing that wall as well!! Funny you went to ikea! When the boys were away I tried getting Paul to take me and Molly!! I love a day "window shopping" at Ikea!

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