Tuesday, January 12, 2010


breathe, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

I was being pulled under by a heavy weight tied to my ankle.
I struggled.
I needed to breathe.
I grew tired.
I could only see darkness.
I started to fill with water.
I was going down fast.
I was being attacked by the piranhas.
I was bleeding.
I know they bit the rope because I felt lighter.
I could feel myself rush back towards the top.
I could see something.
I took a breath and could feel myself fill with air.
I got sucked back under.
I started to panic.
I wasn't coming back up.
I struggled once again.
I could see the light.
I couldn't reach the surface.
I broke free.
I gasped for air.
I am breathing.
I am treading water.
I am free.
I am breathing.
I am waiting for the big rescue boat.
I am going to stay above water.
I am not going back under.
I have a new breath of life in me.

~Jennifer Murphy 1/12/2010


Christina said...

Is that something that you wrote, or something that you found to fit the picture? Very cool either way! :)

Jen said...

yeah, I did christina...

Christina said...

Very awesome my friend! :)

Brenda said...

great job on the photo as well as the writing! Thanks for showing us how talented you are

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