Sunday, January 31, 2010


5/52 winter*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

It's too cold to go out and shoot this week. It's 25° out there. Besides... there is no snow... It's dull and drab out there. I am not up to going out to shoot "winter". So I decided to make my own "snow". Coffee filters and cupcake wrappers make pretty good snowflakes.
Have a great week ahead everyone!


Brenda said...

well, you are right, this is not the most pleasant winter. If we had snow to go along with the freezing temps it might be worth it. I love the way you improvised and gave something pretty to look out!

Eric said...

Yes, you need to see the Ice Tree! Actually the RODP Meetup group is going to Belle Isle this Saturday (I'll be out of town for the weekend) and they are planning a stop at the Ice Tree. Here is the link:

And no, I don't post to Flickr. Just to my blog. I just use the Flickr group for subject matter.

Laurie said...

Love those flakes and never thought of using cupcake papers to make them (Livvy LOVES making snowflakes!!)

Still holding you in my prayers. <3

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