Sunday, January 17, 2010


3/52 me*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

Ugh! Why was this so hard? I am not afraid of selfportraits but for some reason, I was so uninspired this week. I feel a lack of creativity! I’m really unhappy with this and I really don’t have time to fix it. OH WELL!! This is me!!! Screwing up, procrastinating, sucky photos… blah!

This week ended up turning out pretty good. Something happened that I didn’t think would happen and it turned out for the best. Everything is going to be ok. That was why I posted that rareity for me, a poem. I don’t write poems but that just spilled from my mind that day.
God answered my prayers when I was starting to think he forgot about us.


Christina said...

Glad to hear it Jen. You are so beautiful! :) Creativity ebbs and flows, you'll find some inspiration again soon!

God is always there- he just doesn't work on OUR schedule! :)

Laurie said...

God never forgets about us - not for a millisecond - faith is believing without seeing - loved the poem and the self-portrait - just think, we are on our way to spring and all the hope and warmth it brings! :)

Eric said...

I think that's a good pic. I like the textured feeling of it. Good work! I on the other hand AM afraid of selfportraits so that explains the shadow people pic for my "This is me" post.

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