Sunday, October 25, 2009


43/52 bored*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

The theme for the week is sepia.
And the title says it all. It was a boring day. Didn't do much at all. Last night we went to my cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. She looked gorgeous! We had a great time. I forgot my camera. pooey!
This is our dog Simon. He came to us when he was a wee pup. He was probably 12 weeks old or so when we got him. He's 10 now. He's just a playful as the day we got him. One of the cutest things I remember him doing when he was a puppy was sleeping in my daughters dollhouse. He was that small!

I took this of Sidney. She didn't want to participate.



lululu said...

i love sepia photos!
the color just makes every element in the photo look so unique!
nice pictures!

Laurie said...

awww and a dog's love and companionship is there for you on the sunny days and the grayist days - love the photos (I love just sitting with my Dixie when I can too) and I love the theme. Jen, even if the "project" ends in 9 weeks, I know you will continue to post great pics for us all to enjoy :)

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