Sunday, October 4, 2009


40/52 music*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

The theme is music this week.
I do not play any instruments. The only thing I can play is the radio.
The kids on the other hand do. My son started playing the flute for his school band in 6th grade. He then moved up to the oboe. He got a guitar one year for Christmas and taught himself to play it. He was in a band at one time and played in our city's Battle of the Bands for teens. He's looking for someone to play with now.
My daughter is currently playing the flute. She too, started playing in 6th grade. She's still playing and is part of the High School's Pep band and will play for the basketball team. This Dean Bass is her's. She bought it with hopes to play it.

I do not know why I feel the need to photograph my butt. If I think about it I wonder why I continue to do this sp project. It's silly. My kids think I'm crazy! They wanted to know what I was doing when I was "hiding" in the living room with the furniture pushed aside. lol I think they are right sometimes.


Laurie said...

Jen - your pics show such a creative streak - don't stop - I'm loving seeing what you do and am always impressed!

Brenda said...

i meant to comment on this earlier because believe it or not I always look forward to sundays when you post a new picture!!I love your continued dedication to the challenge you have going on!! I know I could never do it...or if i did with as much creativity and talent as you have done!!

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