Sunday, October 18, 2009


42/52 street*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

My street, tonight.
This really isn't what I had in mind, as usual. It's late too.
My back is killing me (not looking for sympathy) and it kept me from doing what I planned. I still may do it for an upcoming week. I almost cheated and used a photo that I posted earlier in the week, however it was taken a couple of weeks ago. I'm glad I didn't.


Laurie said...

(I checked your blog earlier and almost started withdrawals not seeing a new pic - lol)
Love it, the moon - the colors, even the pavement - awesome Jen! :)

lululu said...

beautiful picture, jen! that's the one of the things i love about fall, those colorful leaves!
hope u get well soon with your back!

Brenda said...

wow does this picture have gorgous colors!!!! Great photo Jen!! I'm with Laurie too lol I was getting very anxious to see what photo you would be posting!

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