Saturday, March 28, 2009


Live your passion every day.
I've been so busy with work lately that I have not been doing 'this'. I've neglected my passion. Not to say that tea is my passion, but my family, my photography hobby, my on-line friends. I have to remember that I can't let my job take over my passions.
On a side note... I've discovered tea. Starbucks makes a mean Tazo Tea Latte. My fave is London Fog. It's made with Earl Gray full leaf tea bags and milk. It's almost the "new coffee".


Christina said...

I simply adore tea now. Still gotta have my coffee fix of course, but tea, like you said, is almost the "new coffee"! :)

Love the pic...makes me wanna be relaxed just eyeing it!

Laurie said...

Start each day reminding yourself of that, Jen - don't let that job drain you so much that you don't treat yourself to what and who you love - great pic - frame that one to look at each morning as a reminder! :)

Brenda said...

very relaxing picture! I agree with Laurie that you should frame it!! Its agreat kitchen photo!

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