Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back home...

We got back from Higgins Lake on Tuesday. What a weekend! I left Saturday after work. I had to go pick up my Mike's sisters car after I got off work. I was driving that up north. I still hadn't packed yet. The kids were home straightening up the house and packing their own stuff. I didn't get home until 3 pm. At 3:30 one of Mike's other sisters called me to pick her up from the airport. It's 5 minutes away so it's nothing to get there but I still wasn't done packing. I called my brother-in-law, who's house I just left, to go get her. I ended up getting her. He was causing me so much stress. In the mean time he got to my house. I rushed around and tried to gather the rest of my stuff. When I got up there I realized I only brought 2 sweatshirts and a pair of jeans. I did bring my clothes for the Memorial Service... that was the most important.
The kids drove with my b-i-l and my neice and great-nephew. I drove my s-i-l. We were going to follow each other but somehow his 75 mph turned into 80. We got separated but I managed to pass him somewhere around Birch Run. I called him to let him know we were stopping to get coffee and go to the restroom. He said he was driving straight through and not stopping. Well we ended up beating them there. I don't know how he thought he wasn't going to make any stops with a 7 month old. lol!
There were about 20+ people at Mike's moms. It was a mad house!
Monday was the mass. That's it. Just a small service. Nothing at a funeral home. That's how he wanted it. He was creamated so there wasn't a body to see. Mike did a reading, the kids carried the gifts (wine and host for communion) and a granddaughter read something that she wrote. She wrote something for each letter of his name. That brought tears to everyone's eyes.
The women of the church preapared a lunch for afterward. It was a nice service.
Mike did a lot of the work, he did a lot for his mom. He really wanted to be there for her to get things taken care of after today but he needed to get back to work.
After the Mass
This is a picture of some flowers and the urn.

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Brenda said...

it sure sounds hectic getting there. I am glad Mike was such a help to his mom I'm sure she appreciated it very much. I know Mike will be there to help her as much as he can for awhile. Im glad you are back safe and sound at home. Again, Im so sorry for your loss.

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