Sunday, January 4, 2009


1/52 getting started*
I've decided to start a 52 week project. Let's see how long it lasts. As usual... I've procrastonated... guess my New Year resolution didn't work out. ha!
I took the Christmas tree down today (do you see a trend here?) and it always makes me a little sad putting away the ornaments as I reflect on past years. You see each year we add a new ornament. I put away an ornament that had a photo of my hubby the year we got engaged, the kids baby booties from the year they were born, photos on ornaments the kids made me when they were in preschool, a flute to remind me of the intruments they've played in school band, jet skis, a girl playing basketball, a football player, you get the idea. So now they are safely stored until next Christmas.

1 comment:

Christina Lance-Trout said...

It is cool to have a constant reminder of your lives there for you to soak in anytime of the day! I can understand why you're sad to put it all away until next year!

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