Sunday, June 12, 2011

twenty three / 52

long exposure*

Once again, I didn't have much time to take a shot for this theme. I was on my way home from Meijer when I decided I was going to stop at the park and get my shot for the week taken. I had milk in the car, so I only stayed for a minute or two.
I haven't done much shooting long exposures. I'm not sure it's my kind of photography. BUT.... I did it. lol Not sure if it was done right though. I had my aperture as small as it would go but the shutter speed wasn't that slow. anyhow.
The guys in the background were fishing and just caught a really big fish. Shouts could be heard around the pond. It was the mack-daddy of the fish swimming in this pond.  
The kids are finishing up school this week. They have finals on Monday and Tuesday and then they are done! It's going to be weird saying that I have a junior and senior. Oh my! Where did the time go?

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