Sunday, April 10, 2011

fifteen / 52

if I only had time*

Oh! I have a list of items "if I only had time." I tried to capture some of them for the theme this week.
If I only had more "ME" time. Maybe I'd pay more attention to details. ;-)
If I only have time I'd pursue my passion for photography more seriously. I'd love to take classes, start up a business, sell some prints.... ya' know?
If I only had time I'd read more....
If I only had time I'd travel (if I only had more money, too). I'd love to go to Paris! To see Europe and the UK. I'd love to sit on a beach with sand between my toes and a cold drink in my hand.
If I only had time to learn a new hobby. Crochet or knitting, maybe?

***edited to add that Milo kept stealing my set-up. I had arranged all my trinkets and went to get my camera. When I came back into the room Milo did his "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist, roll to his back" as he dropped a shell. Something else called me out of the room and while I was gone, I heard a tumble and a crash. The Eiffel Tower somehow fell over. Hmmm.... Now, that explains the fine grains of sand all over the table and the books.
Later on that night, Mike and I were watching TV and it was dark. Milo came running through the room and back out and then back in. He was tangled in yarn. The yarn was through-out the entire house. It was so funny. He's a crazy dog, that Milo.

textures by SkeletalMess & SKC Photography

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laurieumlauf said...

time - that's the thing I also need more of - love the parts of you - and the shot - too bad Milo would pose in it too :)
He sounds like a cool pooch.

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