Monday, December 6, 2010


49/52 window*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

... looking out my window. Pondering the times past.

Today was David's birthday. I cannot believe he is 17! Seriously, where did my "little boy" go?
We enjoyed dinner at Texas Roadhouse with my parents. They surprised all of us by telling them that it was David's birthday. Of course, the staff embarrassed him. They made him stand on the booth, all 6' 2" of him. They clapped and yelled and shouted that he was 17 and for everyone to give him a big birthday "yeeha!" It was funny! He was sure red when he sat back down. =D


Eric said...

Jen, that is a terrific pic! I love it when something so simple turns out to look so wonderful.

Brenda said...

pretty picture Jen!!!!
As for David turnin 17! Wow!!! Your parents were funny to do that to him!! I bet he was sure embarrassed!! Molly loves Texas Roadhouse but shes still little enough to not be embarrassed

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