Sunday, October 17, 2010


42/52 my day*, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

my day*

This photo represents a typical Sunday for me - laundry day. Since it's my only day off of work in a week, I play catch-up on laundry and other house cleaning. These are my work clothes, every day I'm in these black and blues. It's seems to be all I have left in my closest.
I can't seem to get very creative in my pictures lately. lol A pile of laundry??
I can't even come up with anything to write here.


Brenda said...

but its a two-fer!!! Your photo was taken on a Sunday which you say is laundry day...therefore the pile of laundry....and then part two it represents your "Day" "uniform"! So its still a great photo!!

p.s. do you ever laugh at the word verifications on some of these pages to leave a comment?? this on is refismut lol!! what kind of word is that??

Eric said...

Hi Jen, I'm glad you liked my "my day" collage. I just snapped pics of everything I was doing guerrilla style and threw them all together. It's interesting to go back and remember that day hour by hour!

I just discovered another artist I like from your music selection. Last time it was Ingrid. Now I think I need to download some Erin McCarley!

Off to look for some "shadows!"

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