Sunday, September 26, 2010


39/52 black and white*
The week's theme is black and white. Emily's homecoming dress is black and white and the highlight of the week. I found it fitting for my photo of the week. She had a fun time at the dance. A group of girls (only a couple of them had dates) went to dinner. She was quite disappointed in her food. How hard is it to mess up fettuccine alfredo? I'm tempted to call them today.
David didn't go to homecoming... he wishes now that he did. I feel bad for him.


Brenda said...

love the photo!! So glad she had fun!! Neither of my boys went to Homecoming either I think Joe will go next year and I hope Nick will since he will be a senior.
and really, they messed up fettucini?? crazy!!!

Laurie said...

she is absolutely stunning - glad she had fun - loved the pic you posted of the girl's shoes! My kinda style :)

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