Thursday, December 31, 2009

52 1/2 weeks of 2009

*The End*
52 cards in a deck
52 white keys on a piano
52 Pick-Up
52 weeks in a year
52 photos in 2009
52... count em'

It was fun. It is done. Now I'll start another one.

This was a fun project for me. As you know, photography is a big hobby of mine. Without this project I would have probably let my camera gather dust. Instead, it has let me be creative. It's been an outlet for the stress I've been facing. I'm happy that I did it. I will be starting another one in 2010.
A huge THANK YOU!! to all that have read my blog and followed me on this journey. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I can't tell you how they've put smiles on my face during times I really haven't felt like smiling.

I can't believe that this year is over. If I sit back and reflect on 2009 I try to pull out some good points. All in all this has NOT been a good year. I won't put each of those points here because, honestly, why ponder on the bad things?
I can say that it was a good year because I got to travel for work. I was honored that I was picked to help my company in a merger process. I was thrilled to travel to Seattle, a place I've never been to. I absolutely loved it there and would be happy to go back.
It was a good year because David passed his freshman year with flying colors. He was one of three kids from his school chosen to go to Australia for a student ambassador program. Unfortunately, due to our finances he could not go. That's OK. David also got a varsity letter in track and in academics.
Emily finished out her middle school year with flying colors also. She was part of the school band, track and the volleyball team. She was a big help this summer for a coworker and babysat for her little boy. She made good money and had a great time as well. She started her freshman year a bit bumpy but things have smoothed out. She's on her way to a great year.
Mike and I have made it to our 16th year of marriage. We have withstood all the misconceptions that society likes to place on young couples. We will make it through all that life throws at us.

So on to a new year. This is going to be a life changing year for us. I pray everyday for God to help us through this next step in our lives. I pray God will show us mercy in 2010. I pray, just pray.



Brenda said...

I really like how you printed out those photos and hung them up like laundry. You really had lots of creative photos you took and I can't wait to see what you come up with in the new year Jen!! I will pray right alongside you for a good year for you,myself and all my friends!

Laurie said...

Love it, Jen and love you and that you are continuing with the project in 2010!


It's gonna be GREAT for all of us :)

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