Sunday, June 28, 2009


26/52 half eaten, originally uploaded by Jen likes to snap pics*.

The theme this week is half. We are halfway through 2009. I feel like I just started this project. It's been fun so far.

Yesterday morning, the kids and I drove out to Cabella's in Dundee. I let David drive there and back. He did pretty good. After we left Cabella's with what we went there for, we took a drive through the town. Either I didn't find the downtown area or it was very, very small. We did see a garage sale on one of the streets. The guy had 2 electric guitars for sale. So we parked and went to check them out. The one was just like one David has his eye on at Guitar Center. It's a Les Paul. The guy was selling them for $10. They were really banged up but David didn't care. He got the one he wanted. When we got home he fixed it up. He got new knobs and some other little piece. He spent a total of $16.78 for a new toy that could have cost him over $100. He's so happy!

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Brenda said...

half way through!! great job!!! Nice photo!
Yay for getting getting a bargain!!

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